In any organization infrastructure plays a vital role to complete any specific job, task or contracts. We at Nutech contracts Pvt. Ltd. confidently possess absolute wealth in terms of infrastructure and skilled workers that are highly experienced in design, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning and maintenance industry. We are well equipped with more than 1000+ machinery which is our strength and showcase our passion towards our commitment in the industry.

We not only have a big infrastructure but follow a set of rules to maintain the quality that we are famous for, we always focus on detailing and that's what helps us in achieving our goals every-time within the period. We have specific areas and compartments for all machinery and tool we use so that we could get everything we need without wasting any time and there is a strict check on this.

Nutech chose the group because of their joined demonstrated mastery in effectively conveying basic ventures. It was likewise imperative to Nutech that the accomplices had the capacity to locally administration and bolster the framework amid and over the life of the rooftop. For more than 10 years, New Electric has overseen Nutech Center's necessities, for everything from the rooftop and its capacity and control frameworks to its snack bars and ATMs, lights and the Blue Jays' locker rooms. Thus, New Electric truly comprehends Nutech contracts, its way of life and extraordinary prerequisites.

Our facility is capable of handling more than 10 big projects on an average at any given point due to our huge space and discipline we follow.